About Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

By pairing new works with traditional masterpieces, the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble reveals the expressive intent of composers from every age.

Our Vision 

A concert hall without boundaries.

Our Mission

We forge connections through stirring presentations of chamber music across the Bay Area. Left Coast Chamber Ensemble makes connections between composer and performer, performer and audience, audience and music, and between musics of all eras by staging a spectrum of imaginative programs that enchant and delight the listener, and gives diverse audiences multiple entry points for engaging with the music.


Founded in 1992, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble communicates with audiences through inspiring performances of new and old chamber music. By embracing music of many eras, we enrich the audience’s experience — we reawaken a feeling of immediacy in performances of familiar masterpieces and we reveal the powerful expressive intentions in the music of our time. The ensemble’s fourteen musicians, many of whom have played together since the 1980s, perform in different combinations, using strings, winds, guitar and piano to present a wide range of repertoire.

The group has commissioned over 55 new works, sponsors an annual composition contest that draws over 150 applicants each year, and carries on a tradition of performing the very best that the composers of today (whether established or emerging) have to offer.

...like all of Left Coast’s endeavors, the evening married standard repertoire and contemporary works in provocative and beguiling ways...
— Georgia Rowe, San Francisco Classical Voice

photo banner: Jordan Murphy